Tropical Watercolors

As you view my pages, you might notice that my paintings are inspired by the beauty of Hawai'i.   One might describe my paintings as "stylized realism." 


Originals by Alice Martinez

My paintings range from
​a simple representation of
​flora and fauna to paintings
​that tell a simple story.

​Others are  combinations of different images or bits and pieces of  paintings that I have done in the past.

I enjoy the challenge of creating new subjects and designs while staying in the tropical genre.

The actual painting process that I use involves first, visualizing the finished piece, doing a detailed and free hand drawing that sets the composition, while providing a guide line for applying the watercolors.  I build many layers until the painting tells me it's done!​​ 

My hope is that you will look at my work and ​​feel in your heart the love, warmth and joy I have for this tropical paradise!

Please contact me ~ I'd love to hear from you!​​

                                                                  Aunty Alice Martinez​​​​​​​
Sometimes, I'll incorporate a geometric element into the composition using circles, rectangles and borders.